• Enterprise vision: become a benchmark enterprise in building material fields trusted by employees and customers and respected by others

    Enterprise mission: undertake social responsibility to ensure the safety of building

    Enterprise values: honesty, dedication, high efficiency, cooperation passion surpassing

    Honesty: Honest and upright, keep promises, have the courage to take responsibility and be honest to their own heart!

    Dedication: to be passionate and responsible for work and finish doing work excellently!

    High efficiency: pay attention to methods, fast implementation, ensure results, and accomplish work well!

    Cooperation: unity and friendship, sincere communication, wholehearted, friendly cooperation, team first!

    Passion: Believe in yourself, be optimistic, be passionate, and embrace every day with a positive attitude!

    Transcendence: go all out, exceed  yourself, do better than the past ,dare to challenge, never give up!

    Business philosophy: set an example for others, set an industry benchmark and create a happy team

    Set an example for others: surpass yourself and do your best to be the most valuable employee

    Set the industry benchmark: high standards, strict requirements, keep improving, and be the industry leader in an all-round way

    Create a happy team: unite and help, make progress together, be the source of happiness and create a happy team

    The idea of employment: emphasis on morality, attitude than ability

    Morality: honesty, integrity, morality first

    Attitude: positive, upward, go all out

    Ability: pragmatic, studious and practical

    Safety policy: safety first, prevention first, strict management

    Quality policy: quality first, prevention first, meticulous management

    Implementation policy: no excuses, find more ways to win in the implementation